Focus Your Way To Goal Achievement
January 1, 2015
Deborah J. Steg in GOALS, Goal Achievement

Happy New Year! May this be your most fabulous year yet!!

The beginning of a New Year is rife with resolutions and goals that are often abandoned before the end of January. But, that doesn’t need to happen to you this year. With a few simple shifts in focus, you can be back on track to accomplishing your goals and feeling the satisfaction of success. Not just today or tomorrow, but throughout the whole year.

What you choose to focus on will determine your success or failure in both small and large goals. This is a good time of year to use the group consciousness of new beginnings to start focusing on the things you want to create. Often we find ourselves in the mode of problem solving or fixing things that we think are broken in our bodies and our lives. In this mode of thinking, we are either putting out a fire or managing a crisis. If we choose to focus on what we want to create this year rather than solving a temporary problem, it can be the launching point to a whole new way of being, thinking and living. 

When we focus on what we want to create in all areas of our life, we can create a shift from problem solving to creation. Problem solving only mitigates temporary pain and is a contracting energy. The goal is to alleviate the pain. Once that pain is alleviated, we tend to move on to something else.

Creation is an expansive energy that allows us to tap into the field of infinite potential and create things that were never existed before: new ways of being, new relationships, new abundance, new careers, new business, etc. Choosing to focus on what we want to create opens a path to lasting satisfaction. Learning to shift our focus from crisis management to creation, we develop a new skill of being able create what we most desire in any circumstance.

Where you choose to focus your energy is what gets magnetized in your field of creation. This magnetic energy draws experiences into your life that match that vibration.

There are three key steps to keeping your focus on creation:

1. Focus on what you want to create.

Rather than focusing on the negative habit you want to eliminate, choose to focus on the positive new habit. Changing the focus to what you want to create instead of eliminate energizes creativity.

Instead of focusing on weight loss, choose to create a healthy, slim and strong body. 

Instead of focusing on quitting smoking, change your focus to create serenity through yoga, a walk, writing or meditation.

Instead of focusing on getting out of debt change your focus to create abundance.

 2. Create your action steps.

Choose action steps that move you towards your desired creation. The more specifically you define what you want to create, the easier it will be to determine the action steps you need to take. Create you environment so that it is conducive to taking action steps with the least amount of effort possible. Make the next action step the easiest choice by arranging your schedule and living space so that the action steps feel natural. This may take some tweaking and adjustment, but keep recreating your environment until the action steps are as effortless as possible.

If you goal is to create a healthy, slim and strong body then choose actions that will support that creation. 

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 3. Focus on your accomplishments.

Focusing on what you have done right is much more encouraging towards making your goals a reality than focusing on where you’ve slipped. Positive reinforcement is more pleasant, energizing and encouraging. Focus on what you have done right; acknowledge what you have accomplished rather than beating yourself up when you fail. Where your focus goes, your energy flows. If you’re focusing on where you have failed, you are energizing failure. But, if you focus on your accomplishments, you will energize success and feel encouraged to take more positive action steps.

If you goal this year is to create a healthy, slim and strong body, focus on all the times you eat healthy, nourishing and energizing food rather than the one slip. One cookie does not have to mean you eat the whole box. Especially if you choose to focus on all the times you've eaten healthy food. It doesn’t have to be a landslide if you redirect your attention on all the healthy choices you’ve made and focus on your accomplishments. After that one cookie, you can choose an apple or date instead.

Where is your focus directed right now? Where do you want to redirect your focus?

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