Energizing Your Actions

Actions are energy in motion. There are two types of energy that you need to address in order to have enough energy to take action: physical and mental. In both areas, you want to have a sustainable supply of high-quality fuel to realize the creative vision for your life. It is important to have enough energy to go the distance. You wouldn’t want to get within seeing distance of your new reality, only to run out of fuel.

Your journey from where you are now to where you want to be will require a regular supply vital energy. This energy will propel you forward and sustain you when you encounter obstacles. The two main energy areas to address are: food and thoughts.

1. Food is energy - give yourself the best quality fuel for the journey.

Food is the fuel to power our physical actions. Without enough energy, we feel too tired to think, act and move forward. When you are depleted or barely getting enough good-quality food in your life, you can find yourself hanging on to a day-to-day existence. Change requires energy. If you’re already operating on depleted energy reserves, you are going to need to make some changes in order to have enough energy to create physical shifts in your life.

You already know intuitively which foods energize you and which ones deplete you. You know that by the way you feel after eating a particular meal. You don’t really need another study to tell you that fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, etc. are good for you. So there is a choice to be made. Do you start to choose more food that doesn’t carry a nutritional label and that is vibrantly energizing for your body? Or do you going keep reaching for food in your life that has an ingredient list a mile long that and requires an advanced degree to decipher? 

Whole foods are energizing foods.The more real food you incorporate into your diet, the more sustainable energy you will have over the long term in making your creative vision a reality. This does not mean you have to become a raw vegan to realize your creative vision. It does require an awareness that the more pure, natural, unprocessed foods you incorporate in your diet, the more energy you will have to take action on a continual basis. It would be unfortunate to get within several feet of your creative realization only to run out of fuel. Yet many people do. They get sick, lethargic, and lose focus, largely because of the food they eat. All because they didn’t nourish their bodies properly.

Fresh, whole fruits give you energy and are loaded with carbohydrates. These are the structures that provide immediate energy to your body and brain for daily functioning. Carbohydrates are also know as sugars. When they are consumed as nature has packaged them, they get processed in the body in a balanced manner. Vegetables, especially the green variety, cleanse you body and give you the minerals that provide energetic support. Together fruits and vegetables act in harmony to provide energetic love and support as well as fuel. They also provide the right synergy to cleanse out the toxins in your body that are create cloudy thinking. Clearer thinking promotes better and more creative actions.

I do not fix problems. I fix my thinking. Then problems fix themselves.—Louise L. Hay

2. Thoughts are energy - give yourself the best quality mindset for the journey.


Self talk is just a story we tell ourselves on a continual and daily basis. We created the story so we get to change the story so that it is more supportive and in alignment with the current creative vision for our lives.

Often times the harshest and most depleting thoughts come from ourselves and not from others. Every thought you think has an energetic vibration. The quality of your thoughts determines your mental energy capacity. Just like nourishing your body with high-quality foods will energize it, nourishing your mind with uplifting, positive thoughts will give you the mental energy to propel you to take action. 

Discouraging and negative thoughts will deplete your energy and resolve. The first step is to become aware of your self-talk. Once you are aware of the thoughts you are feeding yourself, you can begin to change them. If you are going to have enough mental fuel to sustain you on your journey, then you need to become aware of your self-talk. Self-talk can become one of your best tools to goal realization when used properly.

Get into the habit of encouraging yourself. Tell yourself you can do it no matter what. When you don’t know what to do, tell yourself that you’ll figure it out or find a solution.


External obstacles are a reflection of inner thoughts and beliefs. When we change our subconscious beliefs then the external obstacles change, dissolve or simply disappear. If you don’t believe you can accomplish something, you find plenty of evidence in the form roadblocks preventing you from moving forward. Excuses, no’s and impasses will support and validate those beliefs. When you identify and change the beliefs that are keeping from believing in yourself, you will find that people and synchronous events will show up on your journey to move you forward.

Fears that lie in your subconscious can slow or immobilize you from taking action. Fears use valuable energy that, once changed, you can redirect towards creating your new life. The most common area to look for fears is whether you will lose the love or approval of friends and family.  These fears can keep you from taking action on the new creative vision you have for your life. Each fear you change adds to your reserve of reclaimed energy you are then able to redirect towards creation. 

Every belief you hold uses up a certain amount of energy. The more beliefs and fears you identify and change, the more mental energy you have towards creating your new reality. Your creative realization deserves to have plenty of energy. Identifying beliefs that hold you back at the outset of your journey will not only allow you to reclaim your mental energy but to dissolve obstacles before you encounter them on your creative journey.

What changes will you make to ensure that you have plenty of energy to realize the creative vision of your life?

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