Advanced DNA ThetaHealing®

(Prerequisite: Basic DNA ThetaHealing® and recommended to read the book Advanced ThetaHealing by Vianna Stibal) - 3 day class

Building on the skills learned in the Basic class, so you can connect to and understand the Seven Planes of Existance that surround us. You will learn how to clear resentments, regrets, and rejections with grace and ease. Receive hundreds of "downloads" of feelings that would take lifetimes to learn. Learn how to effectively dig for the bottom belief to clear entire belief systems.

Topics Covered:

  • Fear Work
  • Pulling Resentments and Grudges
  • Planes of Existence and Beliefs Associated with Each Plane
  • Opening Psychic Centers
  • Free-floating memories
  • Repair the Broken Soul Exercise
  • Baby in the Womb Exercise
  • Connecting to An Ancestor
  • Clearing and belief work on non-organic matter
  • Higher Self Exercise
  • Clearing Vows and Committments
  • More Downloads