I was coming out of the rat race, so it didn't seem possible that I could enjoy my work as much as I was. This made me doubt that I was making the right decisions in setting up my new company. Most importantly, I was having trouble charging what I was worth and asking to be paid. After only one session with Debbie, I didn't have those issues anymore. Now I can sell myself easily. Kim at kimjacksonphotography.com

I had the privilege of doing a session with Debbie Steg just prior to Thanksgiving. December is traditionally a slow month for A+ Academic Coaching in terms of new referrals. Debbie spent the majority of our session opening me to the possibility of attracting new clients, even in December. In an economic climate that is supposedly in crisis we have taken in 9 new clients in New Mexico, both in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, and 4 in our San Francisco office. Mark Ayers, Albuquerque, NM

A World Class professional, Deb is direct and supportive as a coach, personable, well-informed and adept at pulling up the right technologies for the right client, and walks her talk. She's on my Top-Ten list for coaching referrals - for you to discover the road blocks and triggers to reset for your financial success! Ester K. Ames, Tuscon, AZ

I recently used Debbie Steg's services and I have been very pleased. I consulted her because of some changes I was experiencing at work. I had recently been given new production goals and was experiencing anxiety around this. Debbie's caring manner and compentence in her field have been very helpful to me as I navigate these changes in my life. I highly recommend Debbie's services to anyone facing change or discomfort around work and finances. Susanne Kennedy, Santa Fe, NM

For the past two years I have been trying to sell my house with no success. Debbie helped me to transform my blocks to success and prosperity. Within two weeks of my session I had a full-price offer and a backup offer on my house. I also love the 'Prosperity and Abundance' CD. I can feel great progress is being made within myself when I listen to it. I now picture the money tree when I'm making purchases and I feel great! Melissa McCormick, Santa Fe, NM

I knew within the first 15 minutes of your excellent HypnoProsperity Seminar that it would be a life-changing experience for me. I now look at my life as possibilities rather than a confining work situation. The way you tie intuition, hypnosis and prosperity together is brilliant and seemless. Within two weeks of attending the seminar I've been receiving potential client inquiries on nearly a daily basis and have a waiting list for my tutoring services. Annette Donald, Albuquerque, NM