Rainbow Children ThetaHealing®

(Prerequisite: Basic ThetaHealing® and Advanced ThetaHealing®) - 5 day class

If you want to increase your intuitive abilities - this class is for you!

Rainbow children are children, young adolescents and adults that are incredibly sensitive and very intuitive. A Rainbow child is born with infinite wisdom and the capacity to change the world around them. Since ancient times, the world has eagerly awaited Rainbow Children, who are very loving, adaptable and have a tremendous capacity for patience. Indigo childrenstarted this new age and are influenced by the negativity around them, however they can transform into Rainbow Children.

Master connecting to the Creator of All That Is, including belief work and downloading positive feelings, empathic readings, healings of the body and soul, guided mediations, reading the future, and Guardian Angel readings.

Learn to communicate and interact with the seven planes of existence from the energy of All That Is. Learn the different ways of communicating with angels, plants, heal with crystals, connect to power animals, drumming, telekinesis, how to change auras and heal animals.

Learn the sixteen essential lessons that will enhance your ThetaHealing® practice.

This class will particularly resonate with ThetaHealing™ practitioners, teachers, parents, grandparents, social workers, people responsible for the care of infants, Rainbow children, adolescents or young adults.