Basic DNA ThetaHealing® 

(Prerequisite: No Prerequisite - it is recommended you read the book ThetaHealing by Vianna Stibal.) - 3 day class

An introduction to the ThetaHealing™ technique. Learn how to consciously access a theta brainwave and change beliefs on all four levels - Core, Genetic, History and Soul levels.

Core Beliefs - beliefs we are taught from childhood to present time held in the subconscious.

Genetic Beliefs - programs from our ancestors or being added to our genes in this life.

History Beliefs - memories from past lives, deep genetic memory or collective consciousness experiences.

Soul Beliefs - the deepest belief level as our souls are still evolving and learning.

Learn and practice how to change beliefs and download feelings on all belief levels. Experience digging for the bottom belief to quickly and easily change an entire belief system.

Topics Covered:

  • Intuitive Readings (Body Scan/Future Reading/Guardian Angel Reading)
  • Clearing radaition
  • Self-healing and Group Healings
  • Energy Testing
  • Creating Feelings
  • Digging for Bottom Belief
  • Manifesting
  • Gene Work
  • Remove programs for getting older
  • DNA Activation
  • Soul Fragment Exercise